Hewitt Robins 1989 Hot Sinter Screens still going strong!

14 Nov 2018

Hewitt Robins recently visited a customer in Mexico that has two Hewitt Robins 1989 Hot Sinter Screens still in operation.
The Hot Sinter Screens are 2.5m wide x 6.0m long Single Deck Screens and are handling over 400tph of 1000C Hot Sinter.
Hewitt Robins developed the Hot Sinter Screens way back in the 1950's and were awarded a "Blue Ribbon Mining Award" (see image below) for their innovative, state of the art technology which is still used today.
Hewitt Robins Hot Sinter Screens use water-cooled vibrator units and cross members which are pumped around the machine allowing them to be able to handle these extremely high temperatures!

For more information on our screens please contact a member of our team on +44(0) 1530 272799 or email sales@hr-int.co.uk


1959 Blue Ribbon Mining Award - Hewitt Robins