Replacement Screen at Tarmac, Bedhampton Wharf

16 Dec 2017

Hewitt Robins has recently supplied a new Inclined Screen at Bedhampton Wharf.New Screen at Bedhampton Wharf

Following a thorough measurement and inspection of the site, Hewitt Robins designed a Screen that would fit into the existing installation and pick up existing spring centres, feed points, under pans and discharge points so that no modification to existing steelwork was required.

The Screen was designed to handle 180-200tph of -63mm Sand & Gravel and separates at 24/40mm top deck, 20mm middle deck and 4/10mm on the bottom deck using Tema Isenmann Polyurethane modules.

Hewitt Robins supplied the V-16 2.1m x 7.0m 2.5 Deck Inclined Screen which incorporated 35mm thick rubber wear liners, a direct cardan shaft drive, 30kw sea protected IE3 drive motor, 6mm thick 40 shore rubber cross member protection and Tema Isenmann WS85 Modular P.U System.

Our Screen offers the benefit of friction checks which are built into the screen supports and efficiently retard the screen during shut-down, thus reducing forces transmitted to surrounding structures. The screen also has improved height between the decks to allow for easier screening media changes. The Hewitt Robins V-16 2.1m x 7.0m 2.5 Deck Circular Motion Screen also gives the customer increased bearing life and improved wear protection. The screen is coated with a three-layer polyurethane paint protection to ensure it withstands salt water, sand and gravel.

The screen which was installed by Centristic and has now been commissioned, where we expect it to perform for many years to come!

Hewitt Robins Inclined Screen Before and After the Inclined Screen Replacement

Before and After the Inclined Screen Replacement